Saturday, December 15, 2012

White Sky

Some days the clouds pile up thick as down comforters, deep as unfallen snow. The earth hushes beneath their weight; the wind rushes in whispers. Last night it rained, a real rain, for the first time in more than a month. Just after dawn the sky cleared, then clouded again — not storm clouds but a pale winter deepening, calling in the solstice.

William Stafford wrote about this sky:
“Many things in the world have

already happened. You can

go back and tell about them.

They are part of what we

own as we speed along

through the white sky.

“But many things in the world

haven't yet happened. You help

them by thinking and writing and acting.

Where they begin, you greet them

or stop them. You come along

and sustain the new things.”

         —William Stafford, In the White Sky

This is the weather of manifestation. Anything you can think of might be there behind the cloudbank, white against the trees. Close your eyes and look for it. Let regrets fade into the sky. Create your heart’s delight; choose a life that brings joy. 

We are all here, in this moment, in this sky.

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  1. Weather of manifestation. I felt that today as I wandered among my fruit trees and garden, then the wild cedars. It felt calm. Safe. At peace. I sent an offering that this spread throughout the world.